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Homeward Bound

by Neffarious

April 8th, 2010

After three months experimenting with the Larchmont site, April’s game will be held on Sunday the 25th at:

Victor’s Sports Bar

500 Commerce Street

Hawthorne NY, 10532

Phone: 914-769-1817

Victor’s has been KoNY’s home for years, and we are happy to announce our return.  The Site offers great food, reasonable prices, free parking and a private (for the most part) back room. Costume with confidence.

Game will run from 2:00 – 7:00pm but feel free to hang out afterwards, the site fee is still only $5.

For those of you traveling up from the city, take the Metro North to Hawthorne.  The site is a small walk form the train, so it would be best for you to travel with players who have been to the site before – don’t get lost.  Of course there’s always Mapquest.

- Aaron


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New STs

by Neffarious

March 25th, 2010

In case you guys haven't noticed, Rob Smith-Hoffman has joined our staff and will be making you all miserable quite shortly.


I would like you all to extend a heartfelt welcome to Ross Treyz, our newest ST and OWbN Kueijin Coordinator.  He will be our fourth ST and now Kings of New York is as well staffed as every other game in the Northeast.  So, to all the other chronicles, I offer a warm and heartfelt:  




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