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December 2023 - The Binding

by David Ashby

December 7th, 2023

Hello All!

This coming weekend will see us play the final game of the year. It's the Winter Solstice and The Binding will be ran by a member of the High Clergy. it's time for reflection and affirmation of your faith in your fellow Sabbat. And maybe even a little hunting. We look forward to seeing you all there.  

There are a few notes for what this game means for the New Haven Chronicle as well. 

1. This will be my last game ran as HST of the Chronicle. I will be joining you the players as I get a chance to RP once again.  

2. Dan Murphy will also be joining me as a Player starting next year as well. I want to thank him for all the help he has given me over the past years running plot next to my side. Welcome back to the pack Dan. 

3. Marc Lake will be taking over at the New Year. He plans on having a discussion with you all about what his goals are in the coming months so stay tuned for that.  

See you soon! 
David, Dan and Bruce


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Palle Grande - October 2023 Game

by David Ashby

October 11th, 2023

Welcome all Cainites! If you are not a Cainite then tonight might not be the night you want to visit for a chat. It is Palle Grande and we have a lot of fun in store for you. There is going to be a lot here to talk about so I will try to be brief in each thing.

1. We are looking for people to host a game of instinct. If you have an idea that you want to run please let us know before Saturday.

2. There are XP changes that we will be implementing as a Game. follow this link for the announcement that Kat gave for Boston. We will be following the same with some limits. (  

How we will want this to work for us will be as follows.
- Send us an email at of your Backgrounds and the XP you have spent on them.
- Once we have agreed to the new xp expenditures we will have you add two posts to your xp log to record the xp refunded and then respent. We expect it all to be spent at the same time in full that way there is easier record keeping.
- We will also let you know which backgrounds will be effected at this time as well since they will be a living entity that can grow and shrink based upon your actions or inactions as a PC. This means that if you do not do downtime declarations during the month then you might lose these as you are not meeting their upkeep. But you could just as easily gain some as well.

3. This will be the second to last game for the year as we will not have a game in November due to the NEE. I encourage you all to join us at it and enjoy some Camarilla/Anarch Fun.



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September to Remember - September 2023 Game

by David Ashby

September 5th, 2023

Welcome to our September 2023 game all! 

The Sabbat will be gathering in the Diocese of New Haven as festivities have wound down after the month before. However there seems to be some issue with feeding once again as getting blood has been scarce around the area. Maybe an over indulgence after all the partying? Maybe the populace is sick? Not ideal circumstances as we head into the high holiday season.  

Location is the Friendship Lodge #33 in Southington CT. 

See you all there! Staff


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Consolidate Those Gains. - August 2023 Game

by David Ashby

August 9th, 2023

After the political plays of the Bishops and supporting members of the Diocese of New Haven Hartford has been brought into the fold for the Sabbat. With the Elder Mehket joining their ranks as the Arch Bishop of Hartford there are still things to settle. Individuals given choices to join or be hunted. 

Join us as the members of New Haven start the business of cleaning up what was left behind. 

Game Location: 

Friendship #33 Masonic Lodge76 Main Street Southington, CT 06489


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