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by Rachel Santoro

August 27th, 2020

A few things on the influence front


1) August influence replies should be in. If you submitted and haven't seen a response please bump it.


2) If you ever don't get a response from me within a few days of posting influences please bump it. I should be responding that I have it noted as soon as I see it. The answers are generally given around the 23rd, but sometimes runs later.


3) influence rules have been updated a little. They are on the KoNY puppet site 


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July in-person update

by Stephen Wangner

July 21st, 2020

Attention all KoNY players:

I had hoped to return to in-person games this month (July), but unfortunately, that will not be happening.
Our venue (the dance studio) is attempting to open for a very limited summer schedule, and in an effort to protect their instructors and students, they have temporarily suspended renting the space to other organizations, including ours. Our normal backup location, Legendary Realms, is under renovation and is also unavailable at this time. I will continue to be in contact with and work with both venues, and hopefully we can return to in-person soon.
Let me make this CRYSTAL CLEAR: The dance studio is run by someone VERY close to me, and I respect their decision. It is a good faith decision intended to protect their instructors, and even more so, their students (who tend to be young children) in this uncertain time. DO NOT COMPLAIN TO THEM. IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THIS, COME TO ME. IF I HEAR OF COMPLAINTS OR QUESTIONS THAT GO DIRECTLY TO THE VENUE (and believe me, if such complaints are made to them, I WILL hear about it), I WILL ISSUE DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS AGAINST THOSE PLAYERS. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE ZERO-TOLERANCE ISSUE FOR ME.


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