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Announcement from the Archbishop

by Larry Petersen

June 4th, 2018

My dearest esteemed Sister and Brothers,


The Diocese of Bridgeport had fallen under a great dark cloud.  Many of its citizens subsumed by this darkness and lost forever.  However, this storm has passed.  With the last death of the usurpers the city of Bridgeport is finally free.  From the ashes of old we begin anew.  Ever changing, ever growing.  I seek not to be your King.  I seek to be a leader, one who joins you in the battles that are sure to come.  The one to listen to you and rebuild that which we have lost.  We must now hold each other up and stand on our own again as a city.  I do not seek the title of Archbishop for power.  I seek it to help my brothers and sisters.


As such I invite you, personally to our next esbat on July 7th in the year of our lord 2017.  I am to be bloodbathed as your new archbishop.  It shall be held at the Barnum Museum for all free Sabbat to attend.  We shall feast together and come together and celebrate as one Sword.  It is truly an Auspicious Night as fate would see to it.  Not only will this be a blood bath but it falls on the same night as an ancient celebration of the Tzimisce clan.  For that is evening is Kupala’s Night.  I personally will be performing this rite of my clan for all Sabbat to revel and indulge in.  We shall hunt as the Tzimisce Anarchs of old once did in the Land Beyond the Forest.  In this it will make this city and all of us stronger!


So please, come enjoy the festivities and join me in celebrating the rebirth of our city, Bridgeport.


~Alexander Danesti
Ductus of the Scions of the Red Star
Archbishop of Bridgeport Connecticut 


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